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10 phrases in English for a business trip

Here we are: suitcases made, hotel booked, presentation printed and already in your briefcase. An important business trip is just around the corner and would you like to review the most useful English phrases for this occasion? We help you with many expressions to be used in all the most common situations that you will face.

As you know, the knowledge of English, at least at an elementary level, is now essential to move in international contexts. If the reason for the trip is professional (a meeting with potential new customers, a company presentation, a meeting with foreign collaborators) the normal frenzy of travel is added to the concern of having to make a good impression and to have to communicate effectively, so as not to miss valuable business opportunities.

We have selected the 10 fundamental phrases to face a business trip: follow us in this business trip!

Before leaving: bookings

The business trip begins with the organization: booking the flight/train and the hotel where you will be staying. Here is a sentence that you can take as an example and adapt according to your needs.

I will be on a business trip from … to … I would like to book a single room in your hotel. Do you have availability in these dates?

Before you leave: out of office

Another thing to do before you leave is to set up the out of office, that is, the automatic message to reply to e-mails that informs your contacts that you are abroad and have limited access to your e-mail box. Here is an example:

Hi, I’m currently out of the office on a business trip with limited access to emails, will be back on [date]. Should you need to contact me urgently please call me on my mobile

At the airport

English is the official language of airports all over the world. It’s essential to know it to get around the facility, check in and boarding procedures smoothly and… don’t risk missing your flight!

Let’s see some basic vocabulary. When you arrive at the airport, do you have to go to the check-in counter to choose your seat on board (do you prefer an aisle seat or a window seat)? You need extra legroom. Here you will receive your boarding pass.

What about your luggage? The suitcases to be checked are checked baggages (be careful not to exceed the maximum weight allowed, so as not to have to pay an excess baggage fee!), while the hand luggage is translated as carry-on. To board the plane, you will need to go to the boarding gate. Here is a sentence that may be useful in this circumstance:

Do I need to check this in or can I take it with me? I’ve read my flight has been delayed, so I think we have time. How do I get to gate C2?

By taxi

Once you leave the airport, you’ll have to go to the hotel: a lot of people choose the taxi for their trips. Here’s how to communicate with the taxi driver about your destination and other details:

Hi, I need to go to the airport, how long will the journey take? Could we also stop at a cashpoint? We have a flight at 6:00 am, do you think we will arrive on time?

By subway

If you prefer to travel on the subway, here’s a phrase you can use:

Hi, could you tell me where the nearest Tube station is? Which line do I need for Camden Town? How many stops is it from here?

In the hotel

When you arrive at the hotel, take the keys to the room that has been assigned to you and organize your stay: this is how you can contact the reception:

Hi, I have a reservation under Mario Rossi. Could I have a wake-up call at seven o’clock? are there any laundry facilities?

In a meeting

Often the reason for the business trip is to have a confrontation with customers, suppliers or collaborators abroad. The meeting is therefore the heart of the business trip. It prepares this moment with great care, preparing a precise agenda and reviewing the most useful expressions. Here is a phrase you can use to introduce the meeting:

Hello everyone, I really appreciate you all for attending today. I’m Marco Rossi and I would like to introduce my team: this is Anna Verdi, marketing manager, and this is Luca Bianchi, digital marketing specialist. I’ve called this meeting in order to discuss the company’s social media marketing strategy for the next year. We have a lot to cover today, so we really should begin. I’d like to begin by outlining…

Organize a meeting

You can also decide to arrange the meeting in your hotel. In this case you will have to ask the hotelier for availability:

Will any of your conference rooms be available for a meeting tomorrow? And will it be possible to set up a projector?

Ask for information

You can also take advantage of the hotelier to ask him for more general information about shops and services nearby. For example:

I have an event in the evening, is there a good hairdresser you’d recommend?

In the restaurant

Finally, on a business trip abroad, it often happens to participate in business lunches or dinners. Again, being able to book a table is essential, as is being able to order food and have a pleasant and natural conversation. Here is an example of a phrase useful in this circumstance:

Are you open tonight? Could you please reserve a table for four? I would like to inform you that one of my guests has celiac disease, so do you have a gluten-free menu?

A business meeting, a meeting with customers and your business trip requires you to prepare a small essential baggage and take the plane. Short trips are those where the small trolley is the ideal travel companion: it contains everything you need, remaining practical and light. If you have an activity that often takes you out of your city for business reasons, then you should take a look at some hand luggage of excellent quality, easy to carry and sturdy, but also suited to your tastes and your needs.


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