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Molivos (Mithymna), a place of unique beauty, is one of the most popular destinations for thousands of visitors every year.
Traditional, colourful and timeless Mithymna is one of the most attractive places in the world for quality holidays.

Stunning views of Molivos from near MOLIVOS RESIDENCE Apartments...
Stunning views of Molivos from near MOLIVOS RESIDENCE Apartments

Walking up the hill from the picturesque port of Mithymna and strolling through its cobble paved streets youíll see the traditional stone built houses, the unique architecture of its 18th century mansions, the Byzantine churches, the stone built public springs and the beautiful building of the School of Fine Arts.

Views of Molyvos' Port from its Byzantine Castle...
Views of Molyvos' Port from its Byzantine Castle

Coming through the old Market Street, shaded by the rich foliage of wisteria (salkimi), you can purchase various products, jewels, needlework etc. sold in the wide range of shops situated there and youíll be able to have a look at the public library and the Conference Hall which used to be an old mosque.†Reaching the top of this beautiful village youíll meet the Medieval Castle, which was originally built around 3000 BC and was renovated by the Genovese family of the Gatelousi, who were the rulers of the area around the 12th and 13th c. AD.

The long sand beach of Petra, less than 2 km from our Accommodation...
The long sand beach of Petra, less than 2 km from our Accommodation

Mithymna (Molivos) has always been the liveliest and most entertaining place on the island with its many cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs with live Greek music or the latest hits for nights full of rhythm and energy. In addition, movie lovers will be pleased to find out that there is an open air cinema at the entrance of the village.

Useful Contacts:

  • Municipal Tourist Information Office:†+30 22530-71347
  • Citizensí Information Centre:†+30 22530-72474
  • Town Hall:†+30 22530-71313
  • Camping:†+30 22530-71169
  • Hot Springs:†+30 22530-71245
  • Library:†+30 22530-71468
  • Surgery:†+30 22530-71333
  • Pharmacy:†+30 22530-71903, 71427
  • Dentists:†+30 22530-71324, 71132
  • Post-Office:†+30 22530-71246
  • Police Station†+30 22530-71222
  • Port Authorities:†+30 22530-71307
  • Customís Office:†+30 22530-71211
  • Castle:†+30 22530-71803
  • Supreme School of Fine Arts: +30 22530-71238
  • Taxi Service:†+30 22530-71286


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