Personal pages: your online cover letter

Before, to find someone you had to know their address, their landline number or where they worked. Now it’s more important and practical to know your email address, your WhatsApp number or your personal website.

How to create your own website in the easiest way possibleHow to create your own website in the easiest way possible
The Internet has become the digital white pages, the place where you are going to look for information about someone, both personally and professionally. You can search LinkedIn, the page of the company where you work, if it includes that information or if it exists, your personal pages.

Companies have official pages and people have personal pages where we summarize who we are, what we do, what we are interested in and how you can contact us. The goal is that if you search for someone’s first and last name in a search engine, you find that person and you can contact them. Easy, fast and effective.

The most popular service in that sense is It is free and, in just a few steps, allows you to create a personal page with the image you want, your social network data (personal and/or professional) and a small optional biography.

But the need and popularity of this type of personal website have given rise to many alternatives. Let’s look at some of them. Its main ingredients: you don’t need to know how to program it to configure it, the process is fast and the result is very professional thanks to the templates and customization options that these services have.

The easiest option to create a personal page is ContactUp. Simple and minimalist. You register with your email address, validate your account and set up a few fields: first and last name, biography, photo, links related to you and little more.

From your ContactUp profile, anyone will see that information and be able to contact you from the page, which will send a message to your email address.

You might want something a little more complex, attracting your visitors with a modern, visual design. If you don’t like you can opt for options that are just as easy to set up but offer more customization, like

Like About, Flavors wants its personal pages to be the place to access all your social networks or digital contact points. The pages created in Flavors are accessible from any device, you can customize them with many free designs and, if you have your own URL, you can take advantage of it.

Wall of me
If your internet presence is plentiful and you have an account on several social networks, you may want to find a place to gather them all so that they can be accessed by your contacts or potential contacts/clients.

In this case, Wall of me will be the most useful option. As its name suggests, it is a virtual whiteboard or wall where you can collect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the official page of your company or business, your personal page or blog, and virtually any online address that you find interesting or to which you contribute.

The links are displayed in the form of squares with the icon for each address, which you can place and combine as you wish. Here are some examples. You can use it for personal issues, such as a professional website or even to present your team by gathering their profiles online in one place.

In the case of Card, you will find a personal page generator similar to About or Flavors in terms of design but that adapts your personal space to the need you have.

Its practical generator allows you to create a customizable page to present yourself, a homepage or a temporary page (with a countdown and everything), a virtual portfolio with your previous work (in the form of an online CV) or a combination of everything to make yourself known, show your work and everything you want to show to the world.

I end this article with a page that draws attention from the very beginning. Carbonmade allows you to create personal pages for professionals related to illustration and design, such as photographers, illustrators, architects and graphic designers, among others.

Their examples page shows a small part of everything you can do at Carbonmade. Given the type of user it is aimed at, the possibilities are much wider than if you need a personal page for a more sober environment.

As in the previous cases, in this virtual space you will be able to say who you are, what you do, share examples of your work and all this with a very careful design thanks to the templates included.


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