Smart Living – Control your home from anywhere

Finding a cool apartment after your holiday or even having to worry about the safety of your own home while taking a relaxing nap on the beach couch is slowly but surely a thing of the past, thanks to innovative smart home solutions.

What is Smart Living anyway?

The networked, intelligent home of the future can be controlled comfortably from the workplace or directly from the beach chair. To achieve this, household and multimedia devices must interact with each other and be centrally remote-controlled so that they can receive commands via smartphone or tablet. Developments in the field of smart home technologies make it possible to automate everyday processes on the one hand, and on the other hand, device settings such as those for lighting, heating, and loudspeakers can be quickly and easily adapted to personal needs.

Whether from the living room couch or directly from the summer vacation, such a system not only relieves its users of many control and monitoring activities and thus provides more comfort in everyday life, but can also help to save electricity. A cleverly networked home is also easy on your wallet.

From heating to shopping lists – Smart Living is used here

Especially in the transition periods, there is often a strenuous tactical game between feel-good temperature and energy saving. Smart wall and radiator thermostats can provide a remedy here, which can either be conveniently operated while on the move or even regulate their heating behavior themselves. Some intelligent thermostats convince, for example, to switch themselves off automatically when no one is in the house or apartment, but start to heat up in an energy-saving manner as soon as a resident approaches. Other products in this segment initially analyze the heating behavior on the basis of certain habits of the residents and adjust to this after a certain period of time – a self-learning phase.

However, spontaneous changes are possible at any time via app – the personal feel-good temperature is occasionally also subject to one’s own state of mind. When it comes to smart living, monitoring and security also play a major role. To be informed immediately whether the cellar is filling up with water or someone is staying suspiciously long at the front door can ensure that absolutely nothing can spoil the total relaxation, especially on holiday. Most systems combine motion detectors, cameras, and humidity meters, greatly reducing the likelihood of smaller and larger disasters. Anyone who not only wants to increase the safety standard in their own home but also wants to drive comfort in everyday life in dimensions that were unimaginable until a few years ago will be happy to let off steam in the field of smart household appliances.

Although smart washing machines do not fill themselves yet, they do the rest of the work almost completely on their own. Vacuum cleaner robots and lawnmower robots lead very independent lives and hardly need attention. If you don’t always have the current contents of the refrigerator in mind, especially during periods of acute lack of time, you will particularly appreciate a smart refrigerator in the household. If they have a camera, the shopping list can be easily created on the go. If you are on your way home from your holiday and can only vaguely assume that there is still a frozen pizza in the freezer, you will certainly be very happy about the abilities of the smart roommate.


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